How Long Has KMJ Been In Business?

As a ladies shoe wholesaler the business is over 8 years old, but until 3 years ago was trading under a different name when the KMJ Brand was created.

What Areas Do You Supply?

KMJ has successfully been supplying wholesale shoes to retailers from Perth to Tasmania, Cairns to Melbourne and everywhere in between! We even have customers in Fiji and South Pacific Islands. 

What Makes KMJ Different To Other Suppliers?

 We are constantly trying to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers by listening to the needs of our retailers and trying new ways to improve! Below are some policies that we believe make us very different.

KMJ Pick n Pack1. We Never Sell in Pre-Packs

Most wholesalers sell in Packs, meaning you have to buy 8, 12 or 16 pairs of the same style of shoes in sizes that are chosen by the wholesaler. At KMJ you NEVER have to buy in pre-packs. Instead, we’ve introduced our unique “Pick & Pack” Policy which allows retailers to CHOOSE their SIZES.


Here’s 4 Reasons Why Our Customers Love our Pick & Pack Policy

1. Choose Your Own Sizes - Pick & Pack ensures that you're not stuck with unwanted sizes that you can’t sell and end up on your sale table.

2. Minimum Order is 8 - Pick & Pack provides better control over cash flow because you can order mixed styles and not just 1 style, unless you choose to.

3. Easy to Update - Pick and Pack gives you the opportunity to introduce different styles more frequently so when customers come back they don’t see the same styles all the time.

4. Get Your Storage Room Back – Pick & Pack means you don’t need to hold large amounts of stock but still enjoy the benefit of being able to stock a variety of styles.                     

100 Percent Perfect2. We Check All Our Shoes Before They Are Dispatched

Many wholesalers order hundreds and sometimes thousands of a single style of shoe. However, despite the best quality control overseas faults do occur. At KMJ our Perfect Policy means that we meticulously inspect all stitching, chains, soles etc before they leave our warehouse to make sure that they are "100% Perfect" when they get your store and your customer.


Here’s 3 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Our 100% Perfect Policy

1. Don’t Lose Customers

Reduces the chance of ever losing a customer because they do not want the shoe anymore.

2. Helps Build Customer Loyalty

Helps retailers & online sellers whose reputation is built on providing perfect products.

3. Saves Time & Stress!

It avoids the stress and time involved going to the post office or organising a courier to return shoes.               

Fair and Friendly3. We Never Sell The Same Styles To Stores In The Same Area

We often get asked the question “do you sell to anyone to in my city/town”? While we cannot offer exclusivity for our brand we do for styles. So with all new customers we check our database for existing customers and contact them to discuss our policy and explain that we will not sell the same stock. This keeps everything fair and friendly.

Our Fair & Friendly policy ensures retailers never have to worry about having the same stock and competing on price which isn’t good for anyone!


What Are Your Shoes Made Of?

Most of our shoes are made with synthetic materials including PU, a synthetic leather fabric. We have found the quality to be excellent due to advances in shoe making technologies and the prices very competitive for our retailers. However, just recently we have sourced an excellent leather manufacture and will supply a small collection of leather shoes each year.

What Sizes Do You Sell?

Most of our shoes are available in sizes 36-41 however we have selected styles in size 41-44.

What Happens If A Shoe Breaks Or A Customer Returns A Shoe?

In the event that one of our shoes breaks or a fault misses our careful inspection, we ask retailers to take a photo of the fault and either email or send a picture text to us so we can quickly inspect the fault. Once we have received the photo and discussed the circumstances around the fault we will replace the shoe for you at no charge.

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