GREEN: 2017 Color of the Year

2017 will be the year of GREENERY.

Toss away the pastel peachy pink, in comes the GREEN!

Think a combo of kale and hazelnut. A greenery color with a splash of earth tones on your outfit and be super cool next year.

Dress your shop, customers and yourself in the following list of colors set by Pantone now!

Stay Fabulous,

KMJ Team xxx

e6f589e5be2b8b269536f9d0f3dd0e23Image credit: Pantone

Large Sizes Arriving Mid December

Ladies Large Size Summer Shoes Arriving

Ladies Large Size Summer Shoes Arriving

We’ve been looking all over the world for a large shoe supplier and have finally found someone and the good news is, our large shoes are in production right now and should be ready to be shipped in a week or two (sorry we can’t give you a confirmed date). The shipment includes a small range of coloured summer thongs, a sandal, two evening mid heels and some closed in toe shoes in sizes 41-44.
(They looked so good we couldn’t wait til winter!)

Final samples should be arriving soon and we we’ll be emailing images to everyone as soon as we can (especially our large size clients), so keep an eye on your email! We already have pre-orders so if you’re interested, please email or call our office on:
07 3255 5255 :).

Colour Blocking – Are You Brave Enough To Step Into Brights?

Well if there was ever a year for colour, this is it! I’m sure you’ll all agree, colour blocking is back, and in a very big way! At our office, we’ve been inundated for months with shoes in all the latest colours; cobolt blue, gorgeous green, hot pinks and bright yellows. But my question to you is, will YOU buy multi-coloured shoes? While it’s easy to be seduced by these eye catching colours, we were not 100% convinced if you would buy them, so we decided to jump on the phones and get your opinions on this hot trend, and the results were surprising!

It seems most of our customers were more inclined to say NO to buying multi-coloured shoes than YES and here’s the reason why: There was a general consensus that younger customers appealed to multi-coloured shoes more because they were more influenced by changing fashion trends. However, that being said, we were also told that you still LOVE colour but preferred one colour or colours mixed with a neutral tone, depending on the style of the shoe, which makes perfect sense.

So this little exercise highlighted just how important it is to not only trust your instincts but to know your customer base as well and not be swept up in all the latest trends. So always remember to ask…”will my customers buy these shoes?” Shoppers may be drawn to them purely for the novelty factor but it doesn’t guarantee they’ll buy them. Till next time!

Lori – Pointing In The Right Direction

Lori – Soft Pointed Ballet Flat Perfectly Stylish

Get into our soft pointed ballet flat, Lori. It’s made from dark metallic brown PU with a black snake print design and 3 metallic chains across the toe with flat pewter studs in between. It has a small 1cm heel to add to comfort.

This shoe is great for work or smart casual. It’s available from size 36 to 41 in excellent wholesale price.

Pookie Roars Into Winter

Pooki ballet flat is designed with a cute little animal print and is made with textured material. It has rubber sole with 1cm heel and slight padding in the innersole for extra cushioning. With matching red stitching and a cute flat, it is definitely a great shoe to catch your customer’s eye.

Available in 2 colour ways, black and red and black and beige (traditional leopard print colours) this shoe will be available in sizes 36-42 but similiar to Charlie the sizing is small so 42 is more likely at 40-41. But don’t dispair because when it comes to width this ballet flat is no skinny minnie, it has good wide base so ladies that have a broader foot will love them too.

Get Warm for winter!

For our Real World Runway this week is the Aluna boot. Made from a suede like material, the boot is a pull on style (there is no inner zip to) with a stylish zip that wraps around the foot and ankle of the boot twice with matching tassels.

The boots material has been worked so that the material has a rumpled/wrinkled appearance and this is complimented by its colour, a gorgeous mushroom brown that
looks great with nuetral colours and the ever popular black.

It has an 8cm heel so its not super high and it can be worned either up to the knee or pushed down to the middle of the calve. Worn with tights, jeans or skirts they are great for a smart casual look. Check our website for their price.

Brighten Up Winter With Our Bling Ballet Flat

This winter we have a mid season delivery of 2 ballet flats. Arriving towards the end of April, the first we will profile today is called Charlie that will be available in 2 “must have” colours, nude and black.

Simple and adorable the ballet flats are made from PU with 4 little flowers made from a suede type fabric that are edged with flat diamantes and finished with a matching bead in the centre of the flower. Easy to wear with just about anything these shoes are available in size 36 to 42 but they are a smaller fit so 42 is more like a 40-41.

I Wish!

I couldnt resist posting this picture! I found it while on the web! Yes, this is Christine Aguilers shoe closet! Looks at those high heels, boots and all the colours! And the perfect pink wardrobe to display them all! It would take me forever to choose a pair to wear, oh the perks of a having an amazing voice and stardom! Looks like she’s got amazing taste in shoes too.

How Well Do You Know Your Shoes?

While we all might profess to being shoe lovers!! Are you a shoe expert? Our team have put together this sleek diagram that shows the name of each part of the shoe using our  heavenly high heel called Scarlett.

So next time someone asks you about the sock you won’t need to look confused (actually this happened to me last year, hence the inspiration)! Now you can show off your shoe knowledge with pride!

Feel free to share the knowledge and our diagram! For onliners I have uploaded a copy that does not have our website address on it for you to use on your sites. Just visit our resource centre. Oh sooo cute!