Pixxie Promotion for all our lovely members!


To celebrate our love for our loyal members, we’ve a special promotional sale just for you!
For a limited time only, from 27/03/2015 to 31/5/2015, members will enjoy a $5 dollar discount for each Pixxie (Black with Classic Blue Toe) purchased.

Hurry up and bring these gorgeous must-haves to your boutiques!

Sign Up for a 30 Day Account


Would you like to buy KMJ shoes now and pay for them later? Well the good news is that it’s now possible because we’ve  teamed up with FrontLine.

If you haven’t heard of FrontLine, they are Australia’s largest retail services group that uses its group purchasing power to negotiate discounts on behalf of its 700 members. It has over 80 years industry experience and provides its members with discounts of up to 10% from more than 600 suppliers ranging from, ladies wear, footwear, (including us!) manchester, sportswear and many more!

As you can imagine the possible savings with such a wide range of suppliers is enormous and they do this all on a 30 day account that allows you to receive stock, begin selling and then pay for it. Other footwear suppliers include Julius Marlow and Bata Shoes, plus members enjoy discounts with Office Works, BP Petrol, Insurance, electricity and even phone and internet connections.

Here’s a quick run down on how it works:

1. Customer joins Frontline.
2. Customer places order.
3. KMJ processes the order and sends the invoice to Frontline.
4. The stock is sent to the store.
5. Customer pays Frontline in 30 days.
6. Frontline pays us.

If you’re interested in finding how out how you can become a Frontline member and start buying KMJ shoes on account please call them on 03 9888 5766 or visit their website here!