Easy DIY Shoe Display That Virtually Any Retail Store Could Do

DIY-RETAIL-SHOE-DISPLAYIf your store needs a little bit of love or you’re just tired of doing the same type of displays every week here is an easy, beautiful display idea.

I discovered this picture when searching through Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe line, besides the amazing shoes and mirror, my eye was immediately drawn to the 2 tables with the flowers and shoes on top. If you take everything else away and  focus on this area it’s such a simple and effective idea and all you need is
1 or 2 tables and a bowl of beautiful flowers to place on top. To save on cost you can mix real and fake flowers together or if you are near the beach add in succulents. Aldi has $5 bunches of flowers and your local $2 shop you can get some good quality flowers to mix with them.

This setup would also look great in a shop window with a small mat underneath. The options are endless but the key to making this work is to only display your most beautiful (ideally coloured shoes) onto the table because it’s all about creating a visual centrepiece that customers are drawn to.

Good luck and please share your pics on facebook.com/kmjshoes or for more DIY retail ideas visit us on www.pinterest.com/kmjshoes :)

Retail Tip #5: Create a Fashion Board for Your Store

TTip05-Createaphotoboard-resizedTip05fashion-boardake photos of your customers and put them on a pin board. Then place the board in a prominent position so when customers come in they can easily see it. This not only builds the reputation of your business but gives new customers reassurance that you stock must be great, after all look at all the happy customers on your board!

A cheap cork board is perfect so when you’re starting, flick through
the latest magazines and cut out pictures of stock that’s similar to yours (exact is even better), or celebrities wearing stock that is similar shape or style to yours.

You can also include the next seasons colour trends and and what’s coming soon. The photo on the left is an example of what your fashion board can look like but just imagine it with your stock and your customers on it instead!

Your fashion board will make a awesome talking point and provides a great opportunity to engage with your customers and show that you are up to date with changing trends plus we all love to buy clothes and shoes “like” celebrities are wearing!

Another idea for those that stock items that are Eco-friendly or help a charity.  Share the story behind the products that you have selected to sell and we guarantee you will sell more :).

How to Wear Red Ankle Boots This Winter

There’s no doubt that red boots are a winter favorite. Every year all of the major brands bring out their staple blacks and almost always red is also thrown into the mix.

This year is no exception but the way to wear them has changed. While red and black are a classic combination, the softer & more on trend style is to mix red with shades of grey from charcoal right through to pale grey as pictured on the right. To give you some ideas, here’s some examples to share with your customers that can easily transition from day wear into night wear.  Available in sizes 36-43.

What’s Hot & What’s Not For 2014 Fashion Industry

by Phoebes Garland, Features Writer for EXPOSED Online

We all want to know what’s  hot and what’s not and who better than Phoebe Garland from fashion agency Garland and Garland. Here is an extract from her article on Exposed Online.

What’s Popular?

fromphoebegarlandarticle1. Educating Your Customer: Educating your customer on the difference of quality between a $15.00 t-shirt at Kmart or Target and a $129.00 top or more, and how and where it’s made and the difference in quality. This will require asking your supplier more information about the materials and how the actual shoe/dress is made and how to take care of the garment*.

2. Textured Fabrics and Natural Luxe Fabrics: Think quality Merino wool knitwear and leather, soft angoras with viscose blends to keep it affordable. Silk in summer, Merino in winter and breathable fabrics. Nice!

3. Ageless DressingFashion, which would appeal to a 30 year old, but also a 60 year old. Think shift dresses, tunics, and kaftans for example. It’s about simple elegant shapes that can be lifted and boosted with great texture, prints and colour.

4. Knitwear: Good fashion knitwear for winter, we can’t get enough of it. Fashion knitwear is something we can’t get enough of and in short supply and I do mean fashion. Sadly too many operators are hearing the word knitwear without putting the word fashion in front of it.

cubamint5. Colour & Prints: Colour is still big perhaps everywhere in Australia, except in Melbourne, which I am sure black has almost been declared a state colour down there in terms of sales.  Colour is here to stay from winter right through to summer and is huge overseas. Think strong solid colour and prints. Expect to see fluoro’s in summer, bright blues, bright yellows and greens it was big in New York for spring and can’t wait to see it in stores too.

Click here to read the full article

*Look out for our Shoe Butcher segment where we cut up our shoes to reveals what’s inside.

Large Sizes Arriving Mid December

Ladies Large Size Summer Shoes Arriving

Ladies Large Size Summer Shoes Arriving

We’ve been looking all over the world for a large shoe supplier and have finally found someone and the good news is, our large shoes are in production right now and should be ready to be shipped in a week or two (sorry we can’t give you a confirmed date). The shipment includes a small range of coloured summer thongs, a sandal, two evening mid heels and some closed in toe shoes in sizes 41-44.
(They looked so good we couldn’t wait til winter!)

Final samples should be arriving soon and we we’ll be emailing images to everyone as soon as we can (especially our large size clients), so keep an eye on your email! We already have pre-orders so if you’re interested, please email or call our office on:
07 3255 5255 :).