Coco Wedge – A Summer Essential

Black and White wedgeOur biggest selling wedge arrives soon and with so many customers loving this style, we wish we had ordered more!

Available in 2 colours, black and white and black and beige, the wedge is
10 cm high with a 2 cm covered platform for extra comfort. Made from crocodile printed man-made leather like material that curves around the font of the foot with a small peep toe. At the top there is an ankle strap with a strong zip up the back that keeps the foot nice and secure. We have also added a small piece of elastic on the inside that provides extra movement and comfort.

These are excellent trans-seasonal wedges that can be worn to work, the races, a night out or on a boat! :D. Available in sizes 36-41 they are only available for retailers. To order login to our website or call us on 07 3255 5255.

NEW SEASON BUYING – 5 Tips To Buying Stock That Sells

A new season is approaching and with it comes the excitement of buying new stock. Seeing your agent, receiving a new Look Book or checking a suppliers website to see the newest styles and colours is all part of being a fashion retailer that we love.  While a fun process, it also requires a lot of decision making and a degree of risk and uncertainty, after all how can you be 100% certain that your customer will actually buy what you have taken hours to decide on?

To help, we found testehis article which includes 5 fundamental tips to buying successfully. Written by Lauren Jones, Lauren is the women’s wear buyer for General Pants Group and is responsible for developing ranges of stock worth millions for stores across the globe. Click here to discover how she keeps her head clear and her customer clearly in mind customer when buying.

New Courier Cut Off Time

12oclockcutoffJust to let you know that we have changed our courier cut off time to 12pm. That means, if you place and pay for you order before 12 lunchtime your order will go out the same day which is around 2pm for both couriers. This applies to all orders with the exception of really large orders which may not be packed in time. If this applies to your order one of our team will call to advise you. :)

What’s Hot & What’s Not For 2014 Fashion Industry

by Phoebes Garland, Features Writer for EXPOSED Online

We all want to know what’s  hot and what’s not and who better than Phoebe Garland from fashion agency Garland and Garland. Here is an extract from her article on Exposed Online.

What’s Popular?

fromphoebegarlandarticle1. Educating Your Customer: Educating your customer on the difference of quality between a $15.00 t-shirt at Kmart or Target and a $129.00 top or more, and how and where it’s made and the difference in quality. This will require asking your supplier more information about the materials and how the actual shoe/dress is made and how to take care of the garment*.

2. Textured Fabrics and Natural Luxe Fabrics: Think quality Merino wool knitwear and leather, soft angoras with viscose blends to keep it affordable. Silk in summer, Merino in winter and breathable fabrics. Nice!

3. Ageless DressingFashion, which would appeal to a 30 year old, but also a 60 year old. Think shift dresses, tunics, and kaftans for example. It’s about simple elegant shapes that can be lifted and boosted with great texture, prints and colour.

4. Knitwear: Good fashion knitwear for winter, we can’t get enough of it. Fashion knitwear is something we can’t get enough of and in short supply and I do mean fashion. Sadly too many operators are hearing the word knitwear without putting the word fashion in front of it.

cubamint5. Colour & Prints: Colour is still big perhaps everywhere in Australia, except in Melbourne, which I am sure black has almost been declared a state colour down there in terms of sales.  Colour is here to stay from winter right through to summer and is huge overseas. Think strong solid colour and prints. Expect to see fluoro’s in summer, bright blues, bright yellows and greens it was big in New York for spring and can’t wait to see it in stores too.

Click here to read the full article

*Look out for our Shoe Butcher segment where we cut up our shoes to reveals what’s inside.

Retail Business Tip #3 Start a Facebook Page & Post On It Regularly

tip3It seems obvious that a Facebook page is now an essential tool for retailers but it’s surprising how many retailers still do not have one and if that’s you then read on!

Having a Facebook page is exactly like having a roof on your house, you just have to have one and here is the primary reason why.

Take a moment to think about your customers and ask yourself how many do you think have a Facebook page, my guess would be at least 50-80% have a Facebook page and most of them would visit it at least once a day if not more.  Now, that’s an amazing number of customers that you can contact for free “if” you have a Facebook page.

So how do you get started? If you need help to start an account or don’t have time to learn, ask a friend, relative or staff member for help even You Tube is an excellent source with hundreds of videos showing how to start an account.

Then once you have done that, spend some time on the Facebook pages of major fashion brands or even similar stores in your area to see how they do it. They are a great source for ideas and you will quickly learn what to post.

Now remember it’s NEVER too late to start BUT the sooner you do it the better because what you post on Facebook can have a direct impact on your in store sales,  just make sure that you post regularly and with lots of great helpful information and pretty pictures. Good luck!

Store Essentials – Styles That Every Store Should Stock

ShadowLeopard_Black_Ballet_Flat_WholesaleAre you always trying to find just the right mix of shoes, clothes, bags etc for your retail store? If so, we know exactly how you feel! Choosing the perfect balance of “essential” stock, versus “not” so essential stock” with “special occasion” stock  is a constant juggle.

Today we have an essential stock style because it can be worn with virtually anything, at anytime, anywhere and by almost any woman. So let’s check out this shoe in more detail.

Let’s start with the materials. To keep wholesale prices down we tend to purchase design and make our shoes in man-made materials. Now, just like like leather, man-made materials are available in lots of grades or standards of quality. For example some are thicker, thinner or stronger than others. In all instances the material we use is almost always the highest available and this applies to Shadow. The material is an high grade man-made short suede style material that covers all the upper except for a patent strip on the back of the heel.

The wedge is 3cm high providing extra cushioning on the heel which makes it an excellent shoe for work, shopping and everyday wear.  The insole also has padding from the heel to the toes and we added toe height so you toes are nice and comfy too.  The sole is also corrugated (it’s the same as the Lana and Ginger) providing extra grip which helps on those supermarket & shopping centre floors! Available in sizes 36-41 we have increased the sizing length by 5mm to ensure they are as accurate to Australian sizing standards as possible. A classic design that’s available towards the end of May. To pre-order visit

3 Ways To Wear Winter Pointed Flats

Not sure how to wear flat pointed ballet flats? Well here are 3 great examples to maximise Minnie’s in your wardrobe! They also look great with above knee length skirts and dresses. These are made from leather and are available now in sizes 36-41, simply login
to our website  Remember you must be an approved registered member to use our wholesale website :).

3 Ways To Wear Your Minnies!