NEW SEASON BUYING – 5 Tips To Buying Stock That Sells

A new season is approaching and with it comes the excitement of buying new stock. Seeing your agent, receiving a new Look Book or checking a suppliers website to see the newest styles and colours is all part of being a fashion retailer that we love.  While a fun process, it also requires a lot of decision making and a degree of risk and uncertainty, after all how can you be 100% certain that your customer will actually buy what you have taken hours to decide on?

To help, we found testehis article which includes 5 fundamental tips to buying successfully. Written by Lauren Jones, Lauren is the women’s wear buyer for General Pants Group and is responsible for developing ranges of stock worth millions for stores across the globe. Click here to discover how she keeps her head clear and her customer clearly in mind customer when buying.

Easy DIY Shoe Display That Virtually Any Retail Store Could Do

DIY-RETAIL-SHOE-DISPLAYIf your store needs a little bit of love or you’re just tired of doing the same type of displays every week here is an easy, beautiful display idea.

I discovered this picture when searching through Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe line, besides the amazing shoes and mirror, my eye was immediately drawn to the 2 tables with the flowers and shoes on top. If you take everything else away and  focus on this area it’s such a simple and effective idea and all you need is
1 or 2 tables and a bowl of beautiful flowers to place on top. To save on cost you can mix real and fake flowers together or if you are near the beach add in succulents. Aldi has $5 bunches of flowers and your local $2 shop you can get some good quality flowers to mix with them.

This setup would also look great in a shop window with a small mat underneath. The options are endless but the key to making this work is to only display your most beautiful (ideally coloured shoes) onto the table because it’s all about creating a visual centrepiece that customers are drawn to.

Good luck and please share your pics on or for more DIY retail ideas visit us on :)

New Courier Cut Off Time

12oclockcutoffJust to let you know that we have changed our courier cut off time to 12pm. That means, if you place and pay for you order before 12 lunchtime your order will go out the same day which is around 2pm for both couriers. This applies to all orders with the exception of really large orders which may not be packed in time. If this applies to your order one of our team will call to advise you. :)

How to Create “WOW” Window Displays On A Small Budget

A Louis Vuitton Window Display

A Louis Vuitton Window Display

In general you should be making a major change to your window display every 4-6 weeks maximum. This keeps your window looking fresh and gives you the opportunity to capitalise on different seasons, holidays and special events such as race day, mothers day etc.

Now if the thought of changing your window makes you worry about time or money we’ll be sharing some very clever DIY ideas over the next coming months that we promise will not break your budget!

And if you’re still not convinced, why not call your local high school, TAFE or University and ask if any students would like to do it. Some fashion, visual merchandising or art students would jump at the chance to regularly decorate a window. It also gives them invaluable experience and photos for their portfolio. Just provide them the stock you would like displayed and a small budget and you won’t have to do a thing!  You could also ask them to do 4 windows in 1 year, provide a brief or some inspiration and then ask them to share their ideas before they start. It’s a win, win for everyone :).
Photo is courtesy of Pinterest